Lectro Headset(Brain Computer Interface)

The LECTRO headset can be used for a variety of applications and impairments. But our personalized device will be used for marketing research, synthetic telepathy, designing, and remote control of keyboards and mobile devices. The EXOFLEX and CYBORTRON line have thought controlled mechanism for monitoring the users peak performance, movement, and endurance. Our headsets are enabled to send emails, form txt messages, and leave voicemails. Through integrated neurological auditorial feedback mechanisms. This information is passed through the neurological channels without speaking word but by processing focused thoughts. 



The technology is based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an electroencephalograph. The headset features over will have 16 cognitive channels and 18+ locations. The Lectro will be able to monitor the brain raw Electroencephalogram (EEG); Biometrics (heart rate, skin conductance), display, and wireless data feed. As well as, muscle reaction to the active wear, emotional cognitive command to mobile applications. Bluetooth connection to the Astral 1.0 app and facial coding. The LECTRO headset supports eye tracking for automated walking, visual perception, and terrain adjustment. 


The headset transmits relevant data from the brain that coincides with facial expressions including smiling, laughing, and smirking as well as eyelid and eyebrow positions. Each expression and emotion triggered corresponds to a sensory in trigger. The brain interface is able to translate brain activity to enable it to be mapped out onto a variety of computer commands. The Lectro connects to the the app store to play games, learn languages, post feed to social media, and transfer memory. The Lectro headset supports translation of the brains neuro code for transmission to a computer or application.

Smart Gloves


Armor R2 Gloves

R2 gloves have programmed gesture controls that are integrated with mobile, gaming, and holographic pop up displays. For example, making a fist and squeezing connects you to wifi and certain apps. Moving your hand ups, turning your hand, tapping your pointer finger, or bending your thumb activates sensors via bluetooth connection to change the channel of the television, scroll through webpages, or connect to your gaming remote for play without touching the remote. We are integrating haptic feedback with VR/AR technology. Anything that is performed by touching things can be activated programmed or displayed without physically touching a object we are entering into the technology age of sensations and wireless connectivity.


SW Gloves

SW gloves utilizes cutting-edge technology and distinctive, ergonomic features that provide exceptional flexibility, functionality, performance, and a highly natural design. The gloves are made out of conductive yarn and fabrics to allow for invisible power consumption, micro to nanoscale data transfer and gesture control bluetooth enablement with smartphones, computers, and simulations. FeelIT Sensors are installed into the palm to sense pressure, and the vibrations of an object. The fabric components are positioned to elevate weight allocation – making the gloves feel lighter and more comfortable. 


Tracer 900


Our Tracer 900 wearable for civilians support activity suggestions and fitness and wellness improvements. Our watch features live video feed, mobile alerts and notifications from Android and iOS Devices. The Tracer supports Quick google voice search access on screen. As well as, built in 4G and Wifi data connection for streaming music and videos. Our wearable supports a built in camera with iCloud storage back up features. The 900 offers a mix of great sensory applications including monitoring heart rate, breathing rate, changes in body temperature, and sleep pattern recording for seizures or apnea activity. Furthermore, the tracer provides effective workout routines with detailed summaries of the user performance. 

The Tracer provides accurate navigation directions, writing tips, and holographic environmental display. The tracer offers a week of battery life, to support all of the notification features. Our Tracer keeps track of the territories covered during running laps, biking, and it keeps record of your swimming laps. Our wearable is transitional to the style of the user, no longer does a watch haft to be simply a wrist watch but our 900 supports 3D transformation technology. Tracer 900 records respiration rate, body temperature, galvanic skin response, and body movement to give accurate readings of the body sleep patterns to wake you up at the appropriate time. The tracer 900 supports GPS mapping of our users routes to see run stats like pace and duration on display. Our wearable utilizes digital translation and voice translation for international communication on demand.