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At Microtron INC...

We focus on developing wearable technology that heals, empower, and protect our customers. We use energy harvesting sensors, bluetooth transmitter technology for push notifications and integration with mobile platforms. Our technology records biometric data, heart rate, blood pressure,  oxygen, speed, and altitude. We have integrated light activation for dark environments, and temperature control components for harsh environments. Our technology supports built in touchscreen technology, and body stimulant components. We can integrate sensors and bluetooth technology to record steps, power devices, sync with music during fitness routines, enhance speed, and smart led enabled lights. 

Currently, we are actively developing 5 prototypes within the wearable sector including; The Leopard XL has four versions; The first model is devoted to fashion and mobile connectivity. The second is focused on relaying written sound to the eyes of those with auditorial impairments. For the conveyance of verbal communication and translation between those that are not fluent in ASL. The third, phase of the leopard focuses on environmental display, GPS integration and gesture control. The fourth, level of the Leopard XL involves the combination of NIR visual and stealth surveillance. Our Tracer 900 watch wearable is for civilians support activity suggestions and fitness and wellness improvements.                


Our watch features live video feed, mobile alerts, dual display and notifications from Android and iOS Devices. The LECTRO headset can be used for a variety of applications and impairments. But our personalized device will be used for marketing research, synthetic telepathy, designing, and remote control of keyboards and mobile devices. digital projections, haptic display, touch control, and contact holograms. OurElectro Wristband Collection features, live mobile communication, instant text messaging, and display sharing with Android and IOS phones. 


Fashion Accessories

The Guardian smart belt displays unique patterns, photo’s from your Instagram feed, and mood color. The smart belt records calorie intake, and suggests exercises after remote sensing lack of movement for a certain length of time. As well as, Microtron-3D Inc athletic sneakers which luxury high tops featuring bold colors, nano-fibers, and geometrical embroidery. Our design is inspired by Versace brand sneakers, and the anatomical structure of the human foot. We incorporate the two for a futuristic design, comfort, and social connectivity. Our sneakers feature a range of materials from Nylon 12 to form the patterns and prints to light absorbing enhancements for walking in dark places. The Hydra line supports various sensors, for monitoring steps and rugged terrain.