About The Collection

The Trés Spring/Summer Classic Collection


The CYBROTRON Line is the most Hi-tech biocompatible IoT integrated formal wear line. Cybortron is defined by performance enhancements, activity monitoring, task management, and health monitoring. The CYBROTRON Line is designed to enable users to experience maximum speed, fitness tracking, health monitoring, temperature adjustment, and body stimulation therapy. The CYBROTRON Line is designed to be weatherproof, tear resistant, impact resistant, odor/stain resistant,   flame retardant, and bacteria resistant. We have engineered color palette/embroidery featuresare made interchangeable by activating different colors on the Android or IOS app. Whether on sidewalk steps or doing your favorite exercise at the gym, the CYBROTRON Collection adapts to make daily activities enjoyable and comfortable. We have three categorizes for the CYBORTRON Collection.

Tres Collection



Our high fashion line is inspired by the early 1930’s era in parts of Europe and the upper east side of New York. With the boldness and elegant hues made popular by the english dandy’s/dandizette. We believe in bespoke suits, bright bow ties, embroidered blazers, and accented colors. Our designers believe in detail, social glamour, and self expression. This notion is cleverly integrated with our technology. Components are carefully crafted into detailed designs, the sensors are hidden beneath fine linen and soft cashmere. The conductive data processing thread is woven into materials such as silk, leather, and tweed.

This masks the appearance of technical integration and focuses on the fundamentals of style. Our technology is both remote and stealth, and impossible to detect with the naked eye. Only the user is aware of the compartments and holographic display units housed within the business attire. The Trés line supports dress shirts, blazers, sweaters, cardigans, dress pants, waistcoats, and vests. We seek to appeal to both women in men interested in classic elements,crisp button down designs, and tailored suits. Therefore, after the success of the Menswear line we will release a line for Women/Unisex Suits. In Addition, upon request our mechanical engineers and tailors abroad will develop customer specific stealth wear for protection purposes, mobile connectivity, and concealment compartments.

Our technology is both machine washable and telemetric. Due to the use of materials such as nanotube-coated yarn or conductive cotton yarn. Which allows us to conduct electricity, and transfer data to mobile devices and wearable accessories. In Addition, we have over 36+ materials available for designing in endless colors, comfort types, and environment to meet the needs of clients. Microtron-3D INC seeks to develop fashion that allows for freedom of self expression, grace, elegance, and class.

Sweat Proof

Fashion is the technology of style and technology is the tool of man. Trés focuses on Egyptian cotton, 100% pure cotton, linen, cashmere and Nanotex polymers. The style mixes dark hues and light accent’s with 1930 inspired/ victorian era designs. We believe in suspenders, close fitting trousers, etched details, and fine hand crafted embroidery.

We are simply combining the most classic elements with the latest bespoke styles design to benefit customers and there lifestyles. Not just add to there wardrobe, but also be in service of the user. The beauty of our Trés line is that it caters to not only Microtron Incorporated and Vono Italian Flair customers. We also offer our services to high fashion companies, brands, entertainers, and to showrooms.

App Usage:

  •   Location Monitoring
  •  Bluetooth Connected
  •  Biometric Enhancements
  •  Embroidery Uploads
  • Biometric Stats
  • Temperature Control
  • Holographic Visual Display Adjustment
  • Design uploads


•            Timed Muscle Stimulation Interval

•            Pressure Monitoring

•            Social Media Connectivity

•            Step Monitoring

•            Cardiac Monitoring

•            Hub Computing

•            Biometric Stats

•            Voice/Bluetooth Communication

•            Muscle Tension Therapy

•            TemperatureControl

•            Holographic Display (Sleeve)


Power Controls & Monitoring:


TimedMuscle Stimulation Interval Therapy

Automated Lacing

Wireless Charging

Touch Button Pattern

Voice command

Weight Tracking

Sleep Pattern monitoring


Health Benefits


24/7 Blood Pressure Monitoring

Chemical Changes within the body Monitoring

Pore Medicinal Delivery (Research Hospitals Only)

Sensitivity Monitoring

Stress Level Monitoring

Cardiac Monitoring

BAC Level Automated Reports


         Cutting-edge Resistance Material

  • Shock Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Odor Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Impact Resistant
  • Scratch Proof
  • Bacteria Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • BlueTooth Enabled

The Cybortron Trés SS17 Supports pairing with other third party bluetooth fitness tracking devices. Communication between the smartphone app and suits are connected via Bluetooth 4.2 and works with most iOS and Android phones.

New Firmware & Controls

TheCybortron Trés SS17 is equipped with proprietary firmware, nano sensory components, polymer fiber materials, polymer fabrics and conductive materials. The Cybortron Trés SS17 supports a holographic display interface, LED lights, and a touch/wireless control system designed to appear stealth and apart of the overall style of the collection. Cufflink buttons maybe swapped for different designs custom to the user.