Keys To Success




Microtron Inc technology is cost-efficient, biodegradable and revolutionary.  printed electronics has undoubtedly revolutionized the engineering world, and biotechnology is on the forefront of some of the most innovative applications to date. The technology has proven itself a robust and versatile one. Our technology will reduce the amount of waste used to develop products. The material can be recycled and reused to create other designs and active wear same as normal clothing. 

Three-dimensional technology has found relevant usage in expeditious prototyping, facilitating manufacturing processes, customization, and agglomeration production of individual items. As the industry for smart technology delivers an assurance of booming growth in a recuperating global economy, the demand for futuristic systems is set to elevate consistently. In the next few years, Microtron Inc wearable technology will enjoy significant growth in consumer households and companies. Including our commercial software applications for design purposes and applications for consumer enhanced features. 


Our design team members are skilled conceptual and product designers, capable of developing custom made interior and exterior computer aided designs. Each design is hand sketched from the latest fashion trends, design preference, and design specs. Directly afterwards the design is developed through solid works and sketch up for the initial concept. Then the technical design is applied through AutoCad and 3D Max software. 

After, 3D printing the designers develop the fabric material design pieces then combine the two. Afterwards, the product design, parts, and components are assessed, analyzed, and tested. Then our technician engineers deburr, clean, and polish the product parts. We believe in ergonomic distinctive designs harnessed from nature and applied for comfort, form, fit and protection. Furthermore, we 

integrate the components into the fabric for the final layer of development. All products are coated with a thin layer of spray on nano-material to add strength and quality to the design. 

For smart systems our design process is more strategic taking into account, the structural engineering of the product. Designs are based on the tasked the product will be performing and the environment the system will be used in. We design the structural frame, appearance, and the internal construction. For the correct fitting for internal workings; Such as mechanical, electronic, or other combinations. We design smart systems for various uses, including remote monitors, medical devices, environmental technologies, electronics and many others. 

Prototype Development

For product customization we will utilize our online automated program to receive clientele requests, special feature suggestions, measurements, performance operations, and the material choice. Then we determine the development stages to apply to our product. Our project engineers convert the designs into STL files using CAD and Photo-works software. In Addition, our creation team sends the design through our in-house software to clean up the concept. Then we develop the project proposal to integrated features, applications, and material elements into the product. Then the 3D model will pass through the engineering chain of command to create the gear or accessory in question. 


Mission Statement


Our mission is to develop cutting-edge smart technology and consumer friendly wearable technology. Through the creation of high performance active wear integrated with Microcrystalline material and robotic applications. Including, display technology, nano sensory systems, bionics, and resistance technology. Our line of products will revolutionize the fashion industry and give new light to personal technology. We are exploring methods to developing impact and sustainable clothing compounds. Furthermore, our smart systems range from the development of A.I systems to touchscreen interfaces with holographic displays and remote monitoring systems used for defense purposes. We embed these systems into our clients technology ranging from drones to commercial buildings. We specialize in unique development of brain computer interaction technology and assistive technology for completing work related or extreme tasks using robotic smart systems. Any design can be completed within 3-9 hours including programming, assembling, and testing.




We have created technology thats digitally designed to coincide with the environment of the user with CGI methods and photographic visual effects. Our team has embedded advanced functionality to develop methods to recording heart rate, calorie intake, blood pressure monitoring, and seizure threshold monitoring. Through innovative research and fusing together inventions created by different members of our team and allied partners. We have removed the excess wires, cables, and material weight from our wearable technology for the creation of ergonomic and fluid designs. Furthermore, our team is developing inexpensive user applications and software specifically designed for the active lifestyle of the user to provide enhanced features to the products. In Addition, our apparel takes into consideration allergens and irritation. Therefore, the technology can be adjusted to support extra insulation, protection against sun rays, or polymer extracted materials for skin comfort. We are integrating RFID and remote sensing applications for defense users, scientist, and law enforcement. We are creating concealed alert systems that are invisible to the human eye but are deemed active by changes in the wearer body chemistry and sense of touch. 


We believe in satisfying our global clientele, and maintaining trustworthiness with our partners. Microtron Inc begins every task with strategic planning, positive energy, and integrity from our team and partnering companies. We believe in applying ergonomic features, fluid geometries, and precise engineering skills to our wearable lines and advance technology. Our team conveys reliability, cost-effective products, and diverse insight on case studies.