E-Textile Case Studies

At Microtron Inc we are firm believers in research to form the basis of innovation. For the development of our E-Textiles. We start with the concept, it is the most important part of our design process. It is the point from where the ideas start and the basic shape of the design are conceptualized. First we are presented with the design idea and technology features to be developed and programmed into the fabric. Our mood board, theme board, color palette, trends and the entire outline of the collection inspire the conceptual designer. Then we move on to the physical structure, shape etc... The ideas and concepts decided and discussed earlier take form and shape. 

Sincere planning, research and proper production decisions are key factors at this stage. We perform various tests which can also be called as quality inspections at various stages of production. The quality checks examine the design from various angles like aesthetics, performance, durability, strength, functionality etc. Our designs consists of an ideal blend of art, aesthetics, creativity, strategic project management, good research, wonderful analysis and mind blowing execution. Our designers analyze and assess there boards. The final theme is drawn on to the inspiration board. Our designers pour out there creativity on a mood board too set the stage for product development. At, Microtron Inc it is parallel that our designers take in consideration two subjects product task and user profile. For example, say we are developing smart monitoring wear for epileptics, then the task is for the development of a suit that prevents fractures, alerts the user of changes in the body temperature and frequency patterns. As well as, record the seizure activity and environment or action taken place when the seizure occurs. The user profile consist of the needs of the wear, the client style preference, and clientele fabric integration or custom fabrications created by our team. 

After, our designers create the concept and the material is chosen we integrate our textiles with electronics. Our products range from headset wearables to gear for the arms and legs for communication, wireless connectivity, health feedback, and adaptation purposes. We design recognition supporting components, RFIDS, smart and haptic touch sensory components. Including nano-sensors, micro controllers, touch screen interfaces, and flexible PCB boards. We combine the complexity of bionics with mobile features and advanced functionality. We also integrate anti order nanotechnology within the fabric. Furthermore, Microtron Inc specializes in advanced engineering using 3D digitization and geometric analysis. Wether it’s for defense purposes, fitness, or extreme sports we can develop technology to suit the user in a comfortable and fashion forward manner. 

Our team fuses together engineering, science, biology, and IT solutions to develop components that meet our clients demand. Our company aims to reduce the product development cycle cost and time. By using 3D printing methods and by working in collaboration with our offshore partners. We integrate computer design and optimization of molds and tools to develop cutting edge active wear and accessories. We use inductive coupling to pass power into devices and muscle signals to activate features within the clothes. We install and develop pressure sensors, balance detectors, haptic touch sensors, and multi media technology. 

Smart System Development Process


Typically, there are six stages of our process –Assessment and Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Procurement and Contract Administration.  For the development of our A.I programs and hardware systems for commercial buildings. Our engineers and system architects start by conducting applied research, composing technical feasibility studies, and conceptual design generations of the product in question for the user customization using the project plan tailored tothe product requirements. 

Then the design is generated on computer aided software by our 3D modelers. Covering measurement data, technical information. and system architecture. This data is provided by the project manager for our engineering team.  Then the BOM list, components, feasibility, and compatibility report, and parts are compiled by the project manager over the engineering department. Upon receipt of the above items our tech team creates the hardware designs, program the A.I system, and begin integration to task the super computer system to the correct aspects of the building. In partners with the facility personnel or the owner of the commercial building. 

We believe in the client being involved in every stage if possible. This will assist us in gathering relevant information, assessing the building(s) appropriately, finding inefficiencies and pain points, and defining the enterprise management tools and modules they will utilize to effectively manage and monitor the building. In addition, we work with IT personnel to define the technology requirements of our system. Then our engineers complete post processing. Including but not limited to installation, soldering, painting, insulating, plating, and adding electrical components. 

Such as sensors, batteries, panels, security sensors, and surveillance equipment.  Our team assembles, refine and rework, then test the product for final processing. Afterwards, we consult with the client for application features, task management, and prototype functionality. Additionally, we work in partners with leading experts in the field of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, haptic sensory solutions, software integration and IOS/ Android applications.


We believe our technology will enhance a more rapid progression to more advanced technology.  We plan to connect with fashion houses to premier the technology inside of the most popular clothing brands, to expand our clientele and to increase revenue. We will market our wearable bracelet designs under the Microtron Inc name. As well as, grant royalty rights to companies for the integration of certain features and components into there products.


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Furthermore, we will allow companies and research institutes to develop apps for our wearables. The touchscreen curve interface will be developed for other housings that involve the use of handheld displays. In Addition, our online store will allow clients to access there apparel account to pick designs or upload custom designs to suit there needs and active lifestyle. Also, our apps will be on the App Store to work with our technology, developers will have opportunities to develop apps for our robotic and smart systems. 


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