Our Partners & Friends of Microtron


"You can make a difference. Be apart of innovation, dare to imagine and explore the boundaries of Smart Technology. We are seeking to partner with innovative companies for the following; To embed our A.I systems into facilities. Collaborate on the development of the collections, or to provide our brand to stores worldwide."
                                                      ~ Microtron INC Team 


Why You should Partner with us




We believe our unique platform technology brings innovative solutions, cutting edge designs, and state of the art products to the Electronics & Textile industry. We are seeking creative partners that share our vision to conduct research and development for the enhancement of E-Textiles. Through licensing agreements and partnerships, we are providing co-development opportunities for a growing market. We are also looking for interested clients to pre-commit to receiving our products.  Furthermore, we are actively looking for clients to collaborate on the development of the prototypes or to implement our technology into products similar to ours. Whether you're looking to collaborate, promote, or support. We would like to hear from you!

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