Ocella Inc.

High-Performance, Conformal Batteries to Empower Next-Generation Technologies. 

Microtron Inc has teamed up with Ocella to develop flexible, energy harvesting, and wireless batteries for our smart collections.   The zinc silver oxide ink was made more durable by mixing it with isoprene (a derivative of rubber) and styrene, allowing it to be stretched to twice its size without deformation or diminished output. However, its capacity was only about a fifth of that in a coin cell battery. The battery is only one-tenth the thickness of a coin cell, cheaper to manufacture and of course easier to apply to stretchable fabrics.


Stretchability Test

Conformal Flex Battery 

 Nano-Fabricated Printable, stretchable, flexible battery technologies that enable wearable fabrics and stretchable LED displays to carry their own power source.Researchers at the University of California at San Diego demonstrate an example of a self-powered wearable that features a newly formulated zinc-silver-oxide rechargeable battery technology.


Wearable Battery

The Element Prestige Collection will feature this battery. The Trés Element prestige collection is both remote and stealth, and impossible to detect with the naked eye. Only the user is aware of the compartments and the units housed within the garments. We seek to appeal to men interested in classic elements, crisp button down designs, and tailored suits. Our material designers are able to create stealth wear for protection purposes, mobile connectivity, temperature control, and biometric monitoring.


Grid Scale Battery 

We will apply this to our smart systems and projects. By increasing the battery's power density, experiment with different formulations to outperform coin cells at a fraction of their price, as well as try to reformulate lithium-ion style batteries, supercapacitors and photovoltaic cells for stretchability.  We will also combine with Graphene for increased power.