Remote i6

A.I Program (A.I Computer Interface)

The Remote i6 is a smart program that is custom made to perform smart tasks in the workplace, without the need of human intervention.


Gesture Controlled


We believe government and universities will enhance security to support A.I controlled environments. Our system provides physical barriers that are augmented and potentially supplanted by active, technology-enabled surveillance that allows for a welcoming environment yet protects government buildings and workers. We believe in haptic controls, transparent walls, and digital feedback. We believe in instructional offices that help engineers to solve complex problems in hardware or 3D modeling.


Touchscreen Interface


As well as, on demand instruction for designers to receive tips and notifications when developing a product.  Our team is tasked with developing programs for buildings that help with project management, allowing for automated remote sharing, gesture control, facial recognition, and holographic display communication. We believe in developing corporate systems that detect, deter, and counter cyber security threats—including —beyond the site boundaries of the building. Our Smart building programs are touchscreen enabled, transparent, and invisible when inactive. The system supports air conditioning cooling, dual communication, machine monitoring and remote activation of robots and manufacturing equipment. 


Remote Conferences


In Addition, the product is programmed to the appliances within the facility. Tabletop projects can be shared from desk to desk without having to access the user’s email from computers. Also, the windows of the smart system functions as both a weather monitor and information screensaver. Conferences can take place remotely and the overlay of the building will show in the background for stealth meetings. Our smart windows grant the viewers access to the product design and development departments. By updating the screensaver with automated image shifts from the live surveillance feed obtained through the use of the machine learning software. We believe the Internet of Things and smarter building systems will lead to a user-centric approach to the tech workplace. Highly adaptive settings and seamless support of mobility will allow for greater customization by teams and individuals. 


Remote I6 Services

  • Medical Diagnostic Testing
  • Data Processing
  • Remote Recognition
  • Cybersecurity
  • Temperature Control  
  • Cloud Computing
  • Task Management
  • Conferences
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Control Facility Work Stations
  • Notifications
  • Personal Assistance 
  • Advanced Calculating

What are the steps to integrating the Remote I6 into your facility. 
Typically, there are six stages of our process –Assessment and Programming, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Procurement and Contract Administration. This methodical process is typical regardless of the size, type or use of building. However, we do provide plan review and analysis as well as feasibility studies.

What is Microton-3D INC approach for integrating the Remote I6 into multiple existing buildings?
Each building is different in size, shape, use and complexity. For a campus or geographically distributed buildings, we recommend a pilot project. We take a sampling of buildings to determine the level and complexity of the integration among systems. This provides a foundation for deploying to additional sites with a staff well versed and rehearsed in the process. It will also allow the building owner to compare results of energy and operationally efficiencies to their business case and financial objectives.

What information and involvement by facility management personnel is needed?
We recommend that facility personnel be involved in every stage if possible. This will assist us in gathering relevant information, assessing the building(s) appropriately, finding inefficiencies and pain points, and defining the enterprise management tools and modules they will utilize to effectively manage and monitor the building. In addition, we work with IT personnel to define the technology requirements of our system. Accounting to obtain any cost data or to develop any interface to reporting and financial systems, as well as executive management to determine their requirements.


remote i6 Features

  • etering  
  • Gesture Control 
  • Haptic Touch 
  • Video Survelliance
  • Fire/Smoke and Environmental   
  • Equipment Monitoring
  • PErsonalization & Mobility 
  • Data Processing
  • Holographic Display
  • Control Lighting 
  • Access Control System  Integration
  • AC Control
  • Manufacturing Tasks
  • Automated Identification Of MEmbers of The Facility



Trio 22 (Alarm system)

Trio 22 is a sonic alarm system, capable of producing targeted sound waves for detecting intruders, repelling criminals, and shutting down electronic systems. The Trio supports combative sonic waves, and programmable alert systems. Many home owners have sophisticated security monitoring systems to alert 911 dispatch. Yet, the alarm system only support lockdown protocols. Those alarming sounds are only to warn of an intruder, but it’s not designed not to stop them from breaking and entering. Therefore, we developed a smart system that performs facial recognition, heat signature detection, and T-Ray visual of a guest in a home or building. Our 22 converts this data into the home log system to verify the guest is not carrying a weapon, or other deadly object. 

The Trio performs this analysis every time someone enters the building. When it’s dark outside the smart system activates a laser light barrier around the home to prevent trespassers. The laser light system is programmed to detect humans from animals. The system is designed to only activate the pulse alarm if the person is attempting to break into the facility. Our device consists of a rotating cameras built into the entry and access points of the building and or property. For large estates the gate and fencing area will also house the alarm sensors, and laser system to detect an intruders. The high powered, infrared red photo beam will function as a laser tagging system to find targets to pinpoint areas of contact. 

The alarm system is capable of 7 beams to the users specified range and pattern to block entrance ways. The smart system consist of thermal sensors, Hi-Decibal alarm, MX-E Machine Vision Camera, a telemetric receiver, remote transmitter, and battery compartment. The trio supports multiple visual options, infrared illuminator, thermal, and T- Ray visibility. The Trio floats with the use of a Floating Magnetic device (CLM 1+ Levitation Module) in the home of the owner, similar to the OM speakers. This will also be useful for setting up the alarm system for infrasound resonance to be established, which is the act of making a connection between a source and a target.

Once the laser is tripped the Trio vibrates at the same frequency, once this has happened the materials become joined and are resonating. After that an energy exchange takes places on the surface of membrane of each cell to stop the target from advancing. If the source of energy is more powerful it directly impacts the targeted material resulting in a biological reaction. Resonance can be induced electromagnetically by the infrasonic pulse generator. This sonic defense system is only activated when the user authorizes the action or if the A.I senses danger. We can manage the level of paralysis to the human form by developing a volume locking system.

Alarm System Features

  • Remote Control & Monitoring
  • Backup Power
  • Sonic Volume Control
  • Magnetic Height Adjustment
  • Night Vision
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Wireless Notification    
  • Wired Video Monitoring
  • Wireless Video Monitoring
  • Automated Access Log


Monitor. Protect. Defend. Save.

Haptic Monitoring System


The touch screen monitor will be mounted in a data center room. We feel Cybersecurity will grow in importance, as state-sponsored intelligence agencies, state-sponsored hackers, cyber criminals, and activists all target agencies and organizations in the defense and aerospace sector. Countering these attacks is a top priority, generating the need to design high-tech command centers and sensitive compartmental information facilities (SCIF)—specialized buildings with robust infrastructure and security requirements. The threats are also leading security, operations, IT, and emergency response functions to form consolidated operations centers. Because of the growing threats we face everyday in America. We feel it is important to pioneer the world of smart remote monitoring systems. 

Data Processing


The ISEU3 monitor stores information received from the sub display mounts attached to guidance scopes on weaponry technology. Telemetry will enable the devices to connect allowing remote measurements, data, and instructions to be transmitted. In addition, the main display will show pedestrians, animals, and social video feed in real time from partnering commercial companies satellite feeds.

The miniature remote tablet sends instructions to the guidance chip, inside of the nose head/radome of the projectile. Additionally, the sub-monitor will support features for use in hunting. The monitor supports automatic payload targeting without human intervention. The A.I system can automatically map out coordinates, time, date, and schedule to initiate firing from the pre-loaded data from the user. The remote monitoring guidance system projects paths for the soldier, and sends feedback about how to navigate around obstacles. 

Currently, soldiers carry heavy equipment consisting of computers and telecom devices. Now, there weapon can feature a built in computer system with remote connection to the wearable devices. Furthermore, the recognition system will give live feedback to the monitor of the target in sight and the distance between the targets. As well as, the bullets altitude from the target's position. The monitor will send commands to the microprocessor to disengage if the mission has been called off. Also, the instructions for the monitor and all other devices. Will be accessible on the screen, detailing the status of the devices.  


TS39 (Mobile Device)


Our TS39 is  for executives and business professionals. That require quick notification alerts, unlimited data processing, and extra cloud space. 


Ts39 Transparent Mobile Phone 

The TS39 concept features pop-up holographic display, augmented reality notifications, and IPS multitouch retina HD Display. Our Mobile device sports a translucent frame and a OLED flexible touchscreen display. Despite the visual changes our device is virtually crack proof, dust resistant, and water proof. The TS39 pairs with the Electro line and the Lectro Headset for gaming and social media activities.The mobile phone supports screen to play projection, and media sharing to other mobile phones. Our device is capable of displaying the holographic keyboard onto any service. 

The TS39 uses eye tracking, force tracking sensors, and pressure sensing technology to select keys. 3D VR modeling is supported in the built in note app. Voice command options are installed within the phone, when the home screen button is long pressed or if certain commands are spoken allowed. This feature functions as a virtual personal assistant and machine learning tool for education and productivity applications. The A.I is enabled to send emails, messages, voicemails, and to take notes during meetings and during classes.

The TS39 functions as a telescope or set of binoculars, allowing one to zoom further than a few feet ahead of them. Our smart system utilizes a unique near infrared surveillance system; That allows photographers to see through trees, shrubberies, and even cars for maximum photography abilities.This device also enables offline music searches, video play, and it automatically stores recently visited webpages for offline viewing. 


TS39 Tablet

The TS39 Tablet edition system utilizes a unique near infrared surveillance system. Dual screen display for multitasking. Holographic display of photos, drawings, and notifications. This device also enables offline music searches, video play, and it automatically stores recently visited webpages for offline viewing. (Gmail, GoogleTalk, YouTube) is already included on the tablet. Group shortcuts – have shortcuts to 5 different apps? Instead of taking up screen space, “stack” them on one another in their own group.  Voice command options are installed within the tablet, when the home screen button is long pressed or if certain commands are spoken allowed. Our TS39 tablet supports wireless mirroring, and a android N operating system. The tablet comes with unlimited storage capabilities, digital masking, and 3D modeling software.