Features Overview

We have on screen-printable thermoelectric ink, screen printable thermoelectric generator, Graphene formulation, semiconductor materials, Bio-characterized materials, Zn-AgO for medicals, wearables, and E-textiles and then ZnMnO for grid scale batteries.  We have created technology thats digitally designed to coincide with the environment  and lifestyle of the user.


About the Collections

We have removed the excess wires, cables, and material weight from our wearable technology for the creation of ergonomic and fluid designs. Furthermore, our team is developing inexpensive user applications and software specifically designed for the active lifestyle of the user to provide enhanced features to the products. 


Nanosensor Capabilities

We have secured strategic Partnerships to secure a range of body sensors can already measure an impressive range of parameters: Stride length, distance, step count, cadence and speed; Heart rate, heart rate variability, heart rate recovery, respiration rate, skin temperature, skin   moisture levels, breathing    rate, breathing volume, activity intensity; Body temperature;  Calories burned, distance travelled; Sleep quality, sleep patterns.




Graphene Formulation:  We have a solution that can generate large amounts of graphene and be incorporated into a functional ink for printing.They can improve batteries, develop flexible displays, 200 times stronger then any known material and lighter than a feather, allows for medicine delivery, stronger and durable materials, electrically conductive among other applications.