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Future FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will you make a women's and children apparel line?

Yes. We will release the women's line in Autumn 2018
Yes. Male Children's Wear will be available in late July. 
Female Children's Wear will be available in Winter 2018. 

Question: Are the textiles resistant and injury proof? 

The suits are water, bacteria, stain, and odor resistant. 
The textiles are also flame retardant and we have incorporated nano material to prevent rips, cuts, and impact. The material is capable of self healing within the E-heal it smart grid. When the grid is wounded the material is capable of healing 20 time stronger than before the impact. More will be released on this subject on the Kickstarter Campaign.

Question: Who is Vono Italian Flair? 

Vono Italian Flair is a male bespoke suit company that manufactures shoes and textiles in Madrid, Spain. The craftsmanship and artistry is inspired by Florentine high fashion designers. The CEO and Founder is Jesús San Roman. 

Question: Where will we develop the technology and base the company officially? 

Manufacturing: US & Canada
Software and Firmware Development: Europe
Product Development & Company Base: San Diego
Sales Office: Dubai & Europe

Question: Who are some of your partners, sponsors, and affiliates? 

Funding docs, Sporting Tex, Boading Textiles, Xnode, Vono Italian Flair, Bridges of Italy, UC San Diego, ARPA, OCELLA others.... 

What are the conformal batteries made from?


Who are the researchers?

Ocella & Microtron Team 

Do you have a physician onboard for the development of biometrics?


Collection FAQs

Question: What inspired the collection? 

We noticed there are many people suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol, epilepsy, cancer, arthritis, migraines, high sugar levels, allergies, alcohol addictions, hearing impairment and many more diseases. Therefore, we decided to invent preventative methods by detecting on going and unknown chemical changes in the body. We decided to create technology that could monitor and record these activities. We also wanted to create technology that is comfortable and personal. We believe every person is unique and every condition is different for each person. So why not tailor technology to the person and upgrade clothes to the 21st century. We have forgotten one of the most valuable things to our everyday existence what covers us and brings us identity. At Microtron Incorporated we would like to change the face of the wearable industry. 

Question: What are the leopard xl glasses for and how many versions are available? 

There are approximately 3 versions: One is for defense purposes, and the other 2 will be available for the public. Featuring MR/AR display, social media notifications and alerts within the peripheral field of view to not obscure your vision. They support GPS navigation, automated machine learning of objects, people, and pictures. The glasses support bone conductive speakers, most apps in the AppStore, and real time feed. The version for the hearing impaired will support ASL recognition, analyzed lip reading and sound translations. The glasses will turn any written or spoken words back to the hearing impaired person for accurate understanding and real time notifications. For more information about the glasses and how you can pre-order please see our website on the release date. 

Question: Will you allow developers to make apps? (open source)

Yes. We authorize developers to make fitness apps, media apps, learning aids, and gaming applications to pair with our technology? 

industry faqs

Question: What are some of the industries and types of companies does your company partner with? 

Automotive Industry: Pairing of the blood alcohol level sensor to prevent drunk drivers. 
Pairing of the Holographic Display sleeve feature to control features of the car. 
Pairing of the motion and EMG/ECG sensor and smart glasses to study human decisions and thoughts for self driving cars and smart cars. 

Fashion and Wearable Industry: We are a high tech fashion manufacturing company. We will help develop technology for wearable and clothing brands, integrate our patented inventions, or assist with 3D printed or Polymer material development. 

Accessory Companies
We love to work with jewelry, perfume, male product companies, ties, and bow tie companies to bring awareness to there brand and ours. We are seeking to promote luxe and modernism. Therefore, if you think your product is a great fit feel free to contact us. 

Defense & Aerospace Industry
Our task management boots and Leopard XL glasses are compatible with drones for those that are adventure seekers. We have materiel and sensors that are capable of being beneficial to the defense industry regarding. Impact, monitoring, recording, preventing, and detecting many objects and outcomes. Our software may also be beneficial to this industry as well. 

Biotechnology & Medtech Industry

All of our technology is compatible to this industry, wether you are looking to monitor patient progress, detect levels, monitor chemical changes, stimulate pain points, or record data for research studies our technology is the right fit for you. 


The Leopard XL glasses maybe used as a learning tool to identify objects, read them aloud, study behavioral patterns, or as a fun gadget for students. 

More questions feel free to contact at 

Question: Do the shoes change colors with a application? 

Actually, the technology is much more difficult in technical terms. Each category is different the sneakers feature photo chromatic, pixel, and e-paper color changing options. The loafers support thermo chromatic color changing options and the dress shoes support e-ink and thermo chromatic color changing options. The software allows us to control temperature and the app supports the design enhancements the user wishes to display. 

Question: Does the CEO own two companies? 

Yes and No. The parent company is Microtron Incoporated and the subsidiary is Microtron-3D LLC. The parent is devoted to manufacturing IoT and A.I. Technology within the wearable and mobile/computing industry. 

The subsidiary however, is devoted to Product Development, 3D Printing, and Design. We cater to Architecture Firms, Aerospace Industry, Government, Automotive Industry, Biotechnology, and the Film Industry. We are partners with multiple 3D Printing leaders to promote additive manufacturing in America and Abroad to decrease pollution and material waste.