Lectro (Brain Computer Interface)

What is it & How does it work?

The LECTRO headset are for a variety of disability applications and impairments. But our personalized device will be for amputees and wheel chair bound people. The EXOFLEX and CYBORTRON will have thought controlled mechanisms for reaching, walking, and retrieving objects. The headset will have 16 cognitive channels and 18+ locations. The Lectro will be able to track the brain raw Electroencephalogram (EEG); Biometrics (heart rate, skin conductance), display, and wireless data feed.

As well as, muscle reaction to the prosthesis, emotion cognitive command to the prosthesis. Bluetooth connection to the Astral 1.0 app and facial coding. Eye tracking for automated walking and terrain adjustment. Self-reporting to the Astral 1.0 app of facial expressions including smiling, laughing, and smirking as well as eyelid and eyebrow positions. Each expression and emotion triggered corresponds to a motor in each finger. The brain interface is able to translate brain activity to enable it to map out a variety of computer commands. The Lectro connects to the knee inbuilt two-axis gyroscope for tracking movement.

Research Possibilities

 EEG research, usability testing,  cognitive performance, and BCI development.

Industries the lectro headset supports

 Neuroscience, education, mobility, automotive, aerospace, gaming, marketing, media, entertainment, first responders, cognitive training, VR and AR.


4 Detection Algorithms Including:

Facial Expression

Mental Command

Sensory Command

Voice Command

Technology Highlight's Include:

Ar/MR Vision 

Tracking and GPS 

Gaming and mobile app play

Mental Command Input/Output for smart home systems

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