Investment Opportunities

We are a think tank company, our team can apply Strategic Design, scientific reasoning, and engineering skills to any market. We choose to focus on smart technology through our parent company because our expertise enables us to develop advance technology to provide ways to enhance our performance, provide task management SOLUTIONS, and provide technology that will ease life for those with disabilities. In Addition, The use of data processing centers, cybersecurity threats, and personal technology has rapidly increased. We feel now is the time to truly take the market towards a futuristic way of thinking to solve complex problems. Our Textiles allows us to enhance our bodies, it improves the way we experience and interact with the environment. The Wearables are aids, reminders, and alert systems. The Smart units analyzes, monitors, and provide safety measures. We feel that the casual wear collection, leopard xl, and the tracer 900 is the starting point for us to safely and cost efficiently develop cutting-edge technology to better the lives of others. In addition, we think it is best to begin the development of the A.i Program before developing the hardware. For more information on how to help us and be apart of this new and exciting Futurist movement Contact us below. Microtron is not listed on the stock market, MICROTron Incorporated is a Private, S Corp. 

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