Our flagship offering - IoT enabled Trés Element Collection  – is a comprehensive suite of ready to use sensory networks for functions such as blood pressure monitoring, muscle tension relief, oxygen level monitoring, respiratory rate feedback, and  comfort level adjustment etc.  Our software frameworks for IoT implementations are carefully integrated  into our wearables. The data is processed in-real time specific to the client. Our product helps our clients receive life saving information and implement preventative measures or mild relief to symptoms.  



Our services portfolio encapsulates our collective expertise in areas of Wearables, Mobility, Energy, Big Data, Nanotechnology, Cloud and Analytics with the goal of providing hands-on support tailored to the needs of our customers. We achieve this by leveraging our smart solution enablers. These codebases (smart solution enablers) are already ported on our advanced nano networks, silicon, and system circuitry networks from multiple leading vendors and it enables functionalities such as:


·         Health Diagnotistics,

·         Device Registration, 

·         Firmware management, 

·         Remote diagnosis, 

·         Protocol flexibility, 

·         Change management

·         Multi cloud support, etc.


These enablers can be preconfigured for:



·         Smart Materials,

·         Biotechnology, 

·         Gateway devices,

·         Cloud applications etc. 


This in turn covers the IoT industry and others we are reducing bespoke fixed cost of development, tailoring to any customer, and delivering results in real-time.