The Exoflex Social Wear line is made out of conductive yarn and fabrics to allow for invisible power consumption, micro to nanoscale data transfer and gesture control bluetooth enablement with smartphones, computers, and video games. FeelIT Sensors are installed into the palm to sense pressure, and the vibrations of an object. Furthermore, The ExoFlex uses external Myoelectric Sensors (IMES) to create Myoelectric Control Sites that sense muscle signals midway the forearm, the sensors act as an amplifier of the neural command.

Using inductive coupling to pass power into components and muscle signals into the sensors to activate certain areas of interest.The Myoelectric sensors are implanted underneath the external coil built into the sleeve. All long sleeve shirts support micro-controllers, lithium ion flexible batteries, curve touchscreen displays, and touch sensors. . Also, we will develop a built in alarm system within the clothing alerting the user to charge the battery, and self heating alert system. The interior of the fabric is laced with aero fabric and conductive yarns. The exterior is supports leather, cotton, polyester, and hemp. 

Our Exoflex line features biomimicry designs and patterns, dark hues, hipster prints, and accented tans for casual and dress attire. Commonly, mobile devices are popular among youth and business executives hence our selection of materials and colors. The trimming is created from silicone, aero fabric, and elastomer. For more information on the ExoFlex components, materials, and features. View our presentation prepared by the tech team explaining the fundamentals, instructions, and blueprints. 




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Athletic Apparel



The CYBORTRON athletic line, features performance enhancements, nutrition support, and medical feedback monitoring. The athletic wear features sweat resistance materials, heart rate monitoring, calorie intake, and adaptation software support. The material also support MedTech integration such as blood sugar monitoring through the pores, or BAC level through sweat glands. We use smart patches embedded into our active wear for sports or rehabilitation monitoring. Our innovative gear supports stability and security when participating in sports. Our athletic wear features tanks, jersey’s, yoga pants, shorts, and sport specific wear. Our technology increases balance, endurance, sculpted form, fit, and shape. 

The Volt line utilizes remote tracking technology, to record muscle movement, muscle effort, hydration, joint weakness, and heart rate activity. For runners, triathletes, and olympians our pants support adaptation to the terrain, automated temperature changes, and endurance feedback. Our Astral 1.0 app connects via bluetooth to our active wear for adjust made-to-fit fabric compression, and to monitor biometric data received from the embedded sensors. All of our clothing supports mobile integration to bridge the gap between personal technology and personal belongings. The Volt line, Aero, and Hydra are remotely connected to the fitness and wellness app.

Cybortron Volt Highlights: 

The volt line supports biometric muscle stimulation, vibrations, hot and cold compression changes, and pressure point stimulation. The adjustment levels can range from moderate to extreme. This can be controlled through the application by connecting via Bluetooth and sending built in commands from the app, to the microprocessor to change settings. 


Per Deim Streetstyle


Our casual wear includes pants, jeans, skirts, and shorts. Our unique take on casual clothes is innovative, cost efficient, and biodegradable. We are utilizing the strengths of technology, the trendiness of clothing, and the custom abilities 3D fabrication offers. The CYBORTRON line utilizes programmable surfaces for impacts of various strengths, actuated navigation to direct pedestrians in the street, a range of resistant material corresponding to varying applications of weight.

 Furthermore, the Per Deim line provides an exceptionally smooth motion and more stability. The material is lighter than many other e-textiles on the market and our new durable design makes adjustments to the waistline easier since there is a automated made to measure band built into the fabric. Our jeans are offered in several different categories Skinny, Boyfriend, Straight, Rip N Repair, Relaxed, and Classic. Our pants are in several prints tribal, natural, floral, hipster, vintage, 3D prints, and bold. For women the ankle area has built in electrical queue’s to provide comfort around the ankle for when wearing high heels and boots. The components are virtually maintenance-free-parts never need to be replaced. 

This action is important for women participating in social activities or who haft to stand long periods of time. We only use three commercial components, all other parts are 3D printed. Our pants support mobile activity, tap your pockets to silence your phone, or tap twice to play music or change the song without removing the phone from your jeans. In Addition, the micro controller is installed into the knee area. The battery port is located to the left side of the shin. There are two sensors at the base of the left thigh, and one at the bottom of the shin. There will also be a sensor on the right pants leg to predict movement and a RFID chip laced into the fabric. 

The CYBORTRON supports kevlar padding to reduce injuries and impact. As well as, a built in alert notifications for GPS augmented reality gaming such as with Pokemon go play. The GPS sensors and pressure sensor are located between the pants leg and thigh area.  We are focusing on developing casual smart leg wear for the first year and then eventually integrate this technology into shirts and jackets in the future. 


The World's First Fully Functional conductive Fabricated Power Suits.


Exoflex Aero Collection

The Aero line features custom race-wear, cardigans, sailing wear, and swimsuits. The ExoFlex Aero, the thin light weight suit line specifically designed to showcase pixelated images and prints instead of woven yarn and threaded materials. We believe photo-luminescent thread is the future of fashion. The Aero supports digital pixels of tribal patterns, camouflage, and photo projects. The Aero uses polymer materials for protection against flames, bacteria, water, and odor. Our material engineers print conductive pigments onto fabric surfaces and then integrate fiber optics and nano sensors into the yarn for a range of tasks. The speciality suits are for extreme athletes and for those with active lifestyles. 

The Aero outer layer has three polymer material options including; Polyester, polyolefin, and nylon 12. The Aero conductive layer has 4 material options including; Fine Inox Wire, Silver Coated Polyester mono or multifilament and Silver Coated Polyamide. Customers have the option of choosing the shade that suits their personality. The Aero line works in congruence with motion and eye tracking technology for light projection, fluid designs, and natural movements. The mechanism from the social wear line are incorporated into the apparel for mobile connectivity. However, with this model we are focusing on precise pressure measurements, stronger biocompatible materials, and custom touch screen interfaces.

As well as, Concealed gadget compartments, self powering technology, and holographic displays. The Aero line will work with the wearable bracelets to record relevant data. Including human natural reactions to warm, cold, and heavy objects. Additionally, our V5 will track and sense to avoid dangerous objects and send the feedback to the smart suit material, using the built in notification system. Our speciality suit supports flexibility, joint health, and muscle strength. The data will be sent to the app and the micro controller for us to make weekly updates to the sensor capabilities. Aero line also support charging insert within the sleeves or pockets using conductive threading. 

Exoflex Lines