About The Inerió Brand


Who We Are

We are an IOT engineered bespoke brand focused on  creating wearable solutions for patients, first responders, athletic enthusiast, laborers, and influencers etc. We design and develop IoT enabled products and solutions for the smart connected world.

The Hero Collection

Microtron Inc. brings IoT, nanotechnology, and sustainable materials to the forefront of the athleisure and wearable industry. Our flagship offering – INERIO HERO COLLECTION – is a combination of organic materials and a comprehensive suite of ready to use sensory networks for functions such as blood pressure monitoring, muscle tension relief, oxygen level monitoring, respiratory rate feedback, and comfort level adjustment, etc.

The Hero Collection is powered by a flexible conforming battery that is also washable, stretchable, and self-adjustable to the form of the user. The smart textiles serve as supplemental heating and cooling textile, infused with thermo-electrics that are printable and are incorporated into specific spots of the smart fabric.

Our Clients

Our clientele spans verticals like Consumers,  Physicians/Hospitals, Smart Cities, Leagues, Biotechnology Industries, Retail, and A.I. Platforms. Inerió, is a luxury consumer focused wearable brand. Inirio works to advance the safety and productivity of people who are required to work indoors/outdoors in some of the most extreme temperatures and health conditions in the world. Inerió aspires to combine the use of advanced wellness practices, exclusive designs, and cutting edge technology into one platform. 

Case Study

 IoT enabled Trés Element Collection  – is a comprehensive suite of ready to use sensory networks for functions such as blood pressure monitoring, muscle tension relief, oxygen level monitoring, respiratory rate feedback, and  comfort level adjustment etc.  Our software frameworks for IoT implementations are carefully integrated  into our wearables. The data is processed in-real time specific to the client. Our product helps our clients receive life saving information and implement preventative measures or mild relief to symptoms.  


Our first collection Trés focuses on the development of bespoke smart textiles that empower the people living in the Middle East to withstand the extreme weather conditions while feeling comfortable indoors and outdoors.  Furthermore, we are able to implement advanced features into wearable technology that heals, empower, and protect our customers. We use energy harvesting bio cells, bluetooth transmitting technology for push notifications and for compatibility with mobile platforms. We are seeking to fuse together strategic design and un-a wearable display to develop advanced wear. Our technology supports pairing with biometric devices; to record heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, speed, and altitude among other features.

The Brand of the Future

Inerió, is a trilateral partnership between Vono Italian Flair, Smart Yotta, and Microtron Incorporated to bring IoT, Nanotechnology, and Sustainable materials to the forefront of the wearable and fashion industry. The trio formed a strategic partnership, due to the recent implementation of smart technology for the MENA Region and the growing use of materials manufactured to reduce waste. With consideration to the need of thermally induced systems to combat global climate change. This propelled the three entities to form Inirio, to provide tailored collections to the lifestyle, comfort, and active pursuits of consumers and commercial businesses. By continuously improving upon stealth design expertise, accurate cloud based systems, and biometrical enhanced products. The collaboration crosses three continents including; North America, Europe, and Asia to provide a global outreach and conundrum of possibilities

Collections include...

The Exoflex social wear collection integrates social media and mobile technology. Our Aero collection focuses on smart suits for the government, construction, and defense companies. Our Cybortron line consist of the Tres collection for high-fashion. The Per diem focuses on casual wear with street style influence. Our Volt collection features advanced activity monitoring technology, fitness tracking, and nanotechnology components for health purposes. In Addition, we have a vast line of accessories and personal technology to compliment all suits to fit the user and his or her lifestyle.

Our line of products will revolutionize the fashion industry and give new light to personal technology. Imagine accessing your phone from your shirt sleeve, or if your suffering from epilepsy or diabetes your clothes are hardwired to alert/monitor you and provide assistance to you. Envision a soldier in the middle of the desert connecting to communication receivers wirelessly. Without holding a satellite phone or logging on to a computer. Instead there uniform is embedded with touchscreen components, concealed technology, and integrated with high performance material to help with insulation, and body monitoring for adaption to the terrain or to hostile environments. Picture a rock climber with gear that maps out the mountains path, monitors the temperature, and calculates the best steps to take. What if your clothing was both your protection and technology? 

We would like to make technology apart of our wardrobe, catering to our actions, movements, lifestyle, and strengths. Majority of mobile users carry there devices around like an accessory and we lose and damage them. We feel if they were concealed better and designed to support our lifestyle there would be less damages too devices. Law enforcement officers are ordered to wear body cameras now and they have helped to save many lives recently or to bring improper conduct to justice. Imagine the technology being able to not only record but protect the officer and provide intel about the civilian before there is a casualty. For centuries, the purpose of clothing has been to protect our skin and despite all our advances in technology. Our everyday requirement has yet to enter into the age of technology. We would all like to feel hot when it’s super cold, or receive energy when we are exhausted. Our clothing can be enhanced to reflect the changes in our bodies and to suit our active lifestyle. 

We design hunting gear to camouflage with the environment and swim wear to withstand the water and allow us to navigate the water better. But at Microtron Inc we see things different, why not develop hunting gear that emits the scent of the wild, automatically adjust to the visual patterns of the environment, and adjust to the thermal changes throughout your time spent outdoors. Provide visual of the game from accessories provided with the suit. For swimmers, develop suits that mimic the design approach of amphibians and adjust the suits to there natural temperature and mechanics. Without our bodies having to adjust to the change of environment. Build airflow within the suit internally instead of externally to decrease weight and increase swim time. Our project engineers see design from the eyes of mother nature, we believe in adaptation, concealment, and evolution. We aspire to integrate our favorite features and enhancements into everyones lives. Microtron Inc aims to be at the forefront of the wearable industry by exploring new design approaches and using the latest material composites and smart systems. 

The inspiration for our innovative designs comes from nature, and we base our technological designs from natural structures to meet our customers needs. We feel that it’s important to understand nature, and configure ethical design concepts and respect the environment to create successful prototypes. We are using printed electronic ink technology to create custom components. This allows us to create customer specific technology and use a multitude of materials. At Microtron Inc, we are seeking to become global pioneers for the development of new biocompatible robotic wear and smart applications. We aspire to develop biocompatible active wear built to withstand high temperatures, and health monitoring technology. As well as, security features and biological enhancements within the technology. Including the development of water resistant materials, flexible sensors, and microarray components. We aim to design communication systems undetectable to the eye. Our engineers aspire to improve racing uniforms to protect drivers against impact and fire. We are exploring methods to developing impact and sustainable clothing compounds.