Brand Affiliate 

We are willing to pair our unique technology to name brands in Italy, France, UK, Dubai, Turkey, Shanghai, New Delhi, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Microtron Incorporated and our partners are looking to spread the word about the development of smart clothing and the benefits they offer. We have gathered strong social media feedback about preventive and monitoring technologies. We are seeking Luxe brands that identify with the Trés, Leopard XL, and Hydra line. Currently we are focused on luxury car brands, yachting companies, vodka and wine brands, chocolatier companies, and cigar brands for the Menswear Collection. We are also interested in pairing the designs with jewelry brands, and other wearable technology brands to promote a lifestyle.

Furthermore, we would like to work with research and medical groups to run feasibility test and clinical trial research. In Addition, we believe in open source feedback and collaboration with developers. If you are interested in developing apps for the technology, or integrating the garments, wearables, or smart systems into your projects contact us. We are willing to apply touch sensors, bluetooth connectivity, automated embroidery, light patterns, and digital patterns into projects. We also support custom designs and tailored textiles or material development for brands, entertainers, and athletic teams.