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Microtron Inc. is a smart technology company that specializes in the manufacturing of biocompatible life-style wears, energy conservation technology, printed electronics, and smart accessories. We also focus on smart system development, high performance material, and modeling software. Our strategic partnerships within the private sector allow us to develop cost efficient biodegradable technology and conductive fabrics. Our technology consists of cutting-edge wearables and IoT integrated electronics for Global companies.


Inerió Brand (Luxury Wearables)

Our Inerio Hero Collection will empower the people of the MENA Region to withstand extreme conditions and improve their overall well-being by bridging the gap between fashion and artificial intelligence with interactive materials and biocompatible technology. Microtron also works to advance the safety and productivity of the people who are required to work outdoors in some of the most extreme temperatures in the world. Hot and humid weather is known to be associated with increased aggression, feeling of depression and a lower general mood. Increasingly hot temperatures can have devastating effects on productivity. The electrical demand for cooling increases 1.5-2% for every 0.6°C the air temperatures increases. More energy consumption and a higher carbon footprint are needed to compensate for the extreme weather conditions.

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Smart Electronic Textiles

Introducing the latest advances in E-Textiles & Smart Technology by Microtron Incorporated. We are developing active wear, wearable accessories, smart systems and mobile technologies for the Electronics & E-Textiles Industries for Consumers and Corporations. That are designed to aid, enhance, and protect. The user during everyday tasks and athletic pursuits. We specialize in developing nano-sensors for monitoring applications, polymer fabrics, developing smart inks, and creating 3D printed exoskeleton fitness designs. Our E-textiles are cost efficient and biodegradable, the designs mimic the latest in biomimicry, algorithmic, and soft modernism with automated data processing and bluetooth connection. 

We focus on developing wearable technology that heals, empower, and protect our customers. We use energy harvesting sensors, bluetooth transmitter technology for push notifications and integration with mobile platforms. We are seeking to fuse together smart ink and holographic display to develop advanced wear. Our technology records biometric data, heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen, speed, and altitude. We have integrated light activation for dark environments, and temperature control components for harsh environments. Our sleeves support built in touchscreen technology, and body stimulant components.

Furthermore, Microtron Incorporated team specializes in advanced engineering using 3D digitization and geometric analysis. Wether it’s for defense purposes, fitness, or extreme sports we can develop technology to suit the user in a comfortable and fashion forward manner. Our team fuses together engineering, science, biology, and IT solutions to develop components that meet our clients demand. Our company aims to reduce the product development cycle cost and time. We integrate computer design and optimization of molds and tools to develop cutting edge active wear and accessories. 

We use inductive coupling to pass power into devices and muscle signals to activate features within the clothes. We install and develop pressure sensors, balance detectors, haptic touch sensors, and multi media technology.Our designers create the concept and the material is chosen we integrate our textiles with electronics. Our products range from headset wearables to gear for the arms and legs for communication, wireless connectivity, health feedback, and adaptation purposes. We design recognition supporting components, RFIDS, smart and haptic touch sensory components. Including nano-sensors, micro controllers, touch screen interfaces, and flexible PCB boards. We combine the complexity of bionics with mobile features and advanced functionality. We also integrate anti order nanotechnology within the fabric. 

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Trés Collection featuring Vono Italian Flair

About Cybortron Trés

The Trés line is inspired by the early 1930’s era in parts of Europe and the upper east side of New York. With the boldness and elegant hues made popular by the english dandy’s/dandizette’s. We believe in bespoke suits, bright bow ties, embroidered blazers, and accented colors. Our designers believe in detail, social glamour, and self expression. This notion is cleverly integrated with our technology. Components are carefully crafted into detailed designs, the sensors are hidden beneath fine linen and soft cashmere.  

The conductive data processing thread is woven into materials such as silk, linen, and tweed. This masks the appearance of technical integration and focuses on the fundamentals of style. Our technology is both remote and stealth, and impossible to detect with the naked eye. Only the user is aware of the compartments and holographic display units housed within the garments. We seek to appeal to men interested in classic elements, crisp button down designs, and tailored suits. Our material designers are able to create stealth wear for protection purposes, mobile connectivity, temperature control, and biometric monitoring. 


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Hydra Smart Shoes Prototype

Microtron Incorporated Smart Shoes are for all professions featuring solid designs, accented colors, social connectivity, and custom embroidery. Our design is inspired by foreign travel and international business. The Hydra Pro line allows for superior deep tissue stimulation, vibrations, hot and cold compression changes, and pressure point stimulation. 

The adjustment levels can range from moderate to extreme. This can be controlled through the application by connecting via Bluetooth and sending built in commands from the app, to the microprocessor to change settings. Can turn on the automated system assist button, when the application is not accessible. 

The automated adjustment feature can make smart decisions based on previous data stored in the memory card. Furthermore, the outer layer of the shoes are combined with conductive yarn and fiber optic thread. This allows for digital communication and data collection from strenuous activities.


Our Research

   Wearable Technology

Our products range from headset wearables to gear for the arms and legs for communication, wireless connectivity, health feedback, and adaptation purposes. We design recognition supporting components, RFIDS, smart and haptic touch sensory components. Including nano-sensors, micro controllers, touch screen interfaces, and flexible PCB boards. We combine the complexity of bionics with mobile features and advanced functionality. 

Our team has embedded advanced functionality to develop methods to recording heart rate, calorie intake, blood pressure monitoring, and seizure threshold monitoring. Through innovative research and fusing together inventions created by different members of our team and allied partners. We have removed the excess wires, cables, and material weight from our wearable technology for the creation of ergonomic and fluid designs.    



At Microtron Incorporated, we seek to develop smart technology covering a range of industries and markets. We specialize in the development of smart systems ranging from A.I systems to touchscreen interfaces with holographic displays and remote monitoring systems for defense purposes. In Addition, we embed these systems into our clients technology ranging from drones to commercial buildings. We have expertise in the unique development of brain computer interaction technology and assistive technology for completing work related or extreme tasks using smart programs. Designs are completed within 3-9 hours including programming, assembling, and testing. 

Our smart systems design process is cost efficient and strategic taking into account, the structural engineering of the product. Designs are based on the tasked the product will be performing and the environment the system will be used within. We design the structural frame, appearance, and the internal construction. For the correct fitting for internal workings; Such as mechanical, electronic, or other combinations. We design smart systems for various uses, including remote monitors, medical devices, environmental technologies, electronics and many others.